7 Tips to Moving On after a Break-Up


-which way to go?-

-which way to go?-

So he left you for another girl and now you want to run after him to beg for another chance? Some girls would be contemplating murder by then but you seem to want to make a fool of yourself. Don’t you think you’re being too pitiful and unreasonable? It’s one thing to fight for your love but it’s a whole new different scenario to make a fool of yourself.

How about deciding to move on for a change? Tips to moving on after a break-up are found everywhere and all you need to do is take a closer look.

1. Free your closet of all things related to him: This is simple. Just rid your closet of all the trash.
2. Erase his number in your phonebook: You need that one remaining space in your phone book for the number of the pizza delivery.
3. Indulge in a new hobby to keep yourself busy: Nope, I didn’t mean cliff-diving. Try crocheting.
4. Volunteer: Time to show that Good Samaritan nature for a change, before it fades away.
5. Go out with friends: No, not to look for a new guy; just F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
6. Go on vacation: Time to gather up all those vacation brochures and choose one. Be sure to come back though.
7. Spend time with family: They can understand your whole over-dramatic approach to the break-up and will still support you, believe me.

So the guy you love left you. Big deal. He doesn’t love you anymore, which means he’s not into you anymore and has already found someone new. It’s now time to move on, get a new life, quit being a whiner, and get a new haircut.