Schoep the Dog….and the Photo that Captured the World


-sleep now sweet angel-

-sleep now sweet angel-

Schoep passed away in July 2013.  He was 20 years old.

I love dogs and Schoep’s story is an inspiration to me. I remembered seeing this photo years ago and it has never left my mind since then. The photo speaks of the unconditional love between Schoep and his human dad, John Unger.  Schoep was already suffering from arthritis when this photo was taken last August 2012. To make him feel better, his human dad would carry him and let him warm up in the waters of Lake Superior. When John was told by Schoep’ s vet that his beloved dog is already nearing the end of his life, he called his friend, Hannah, a photographer, to take photos of him and his beloved companion. Hannah perfectly captured the moment when Schoep fell asleep in his human dad’s arms while being carried in the water.

John is lucky for finding Schoep after a year of looking in various shelters. And Schoep was lucky to have a human dad like John who knows how to love unconditionally. Theirs is an inspiring story. Schoep passed away knowing that he was loved and cared for dearly not only by his human dad but by the thousands of people who were moved after seeing the photo. These people also made it possible for Schoep to live a year longer through their donations for Schoep’s laser treatment for arthritis.

Schoep lived a long life – a life filled with love. I salute John for being a great human companion to Schoep.
I also want my furry baby, Momiji, to live a long life. My boy is 4 years old now and so far everything has been good. He is a bit sickly but he’s strong and a fighter. I love being with him all the time. He is like my vitamin. He makes me happy. He makes me feel loved. He is the center of my life. I am thankful to have him by my side. 
P.S.  John has a new furry companion now named Bear……
-credit to Hanna Stonehouse for the image-


7 Tips to Moving On after a Break-Up


-which way to go?-

-which way to go?-

So he left you for another girl and now you want to run after him to beg for another chance? Some girls would be contemplating murder by then but you seem to want to make a fool of yourself. Don’t you think you’re being too pitiful and unreasonable? It’s one thing to fight for your love but it’s a whole new different scenario to make a fool of yourself.

How about deciding to move on for a change? Tips to moving on after a break-up are found everywhere and all you need to do is take a closer look.

1. Free your closet of all things related to him: This is simple. Just rid your closet of all the trash.
2. Erase his number in your phonebook: You need that one remaining space in your phone book for the number of the pizza delivery.
3. Indulge in a new hobby to keep yourself busy: Nope, I didn’t mean cliff-diving. Try crocheting.
4. Volunteer: Time to show that Good Samaritan nature for a change, before it fades away.
5. Go out with friends: No, not to look for a new guy; just F-R-I-E-N-D-S.
6. Go on vacation: Time to gather up all those vacation brochures and choose one. Be sure to come back though.
7. Spend time with family: They can understand your whole over-dramatic approach to the break-up and will still support you, believe me.

So the guy you love left you. Big deal. He doesn’t love you anymore, which means he’s not into you anymore and has already found someone new. It’s now time to move on, get a new life, quit being a whiner, and get a new haircut.